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Internet and visitor parking with flowbird via

Pay for parking via internet for your visitors. In addition to our flowbird parking app, you can park via Internet. Choice if you want to park business or private.  After your free registration on our online platform, you receive access to your flowbird Account. Once connected to your Account, you can use internet or visitor parking.

What are the advantages of visitor parking?

Flowbird is easy, simple and fast! When you receive a visitor, you can easily start a transaction via the internet, from your PC or tablet. For this, you do not need a parking app or a mobile phone. You start a transaction via our online platform. To park via the internet, your visitor simply needs to give their license plate and the parking location. Parking via the internet works the same way as our mobile parking app. Thanks to internet parking, you pay per minute and therefore never too much. No more parking fees, no more parking time, and your visitors do not have to return to the parking meter to extend.


How do you manage your Flowbird account?

You can easly manage your Flowbird account. Changes are just a few clicks away. You have the ability to change vehicle, payment information, and notification settings via the app and the online platform. Additionally, you can view your parking history on both and through the Android and iPhone App. Your parking history can assist with submitting expense reports or to help you make a dispute about a wrongly issued parking citation.

Why use internet parking via flowbird? 

Park via the internet with flowbird is up to 20% cheaper than traditional parking.

Do you have any questions regarding the functionalities of parking via visitor parking or want to use our parking app? Contact flowbird support team! It would be our pleasure to help you.


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