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Parking becomes easier
safer and faster with
the Flowbird App

Join our mobile parking community for free and experience the advantage of flowbird.

Avoid Parking Fines

Forgot to pay the meter? No stress! Pay from anywhere with the flowbird parking app and avoid parking tickets.

No Cash Needed

Forgot your wallet? No problem! You have your own digital parking meter in your hand with a secure payment method of your choice.

Save Time

No more waiting in line for the parking meter with Flowbird. Grab your phone and start a new session.

Off Street Reservations

Make life easy. Choose your favorite parking location and reserve ahead of time.

Parking Availability

Find a parking space faster! The app shows you where parking availability is highest.

Expiring Time Notifications

As a reminder of the approaching end time of your parking stay, the Flowbird service can send an alert directly to your phone.

Remote ticket Time Extension

Extend parking time remotely! Simply select extension and add the desired parking time to your stay.

Fast and Secure Payment

Get fast access to the app via Facebook, username and password or TouchID. Add a secured payment method to your account. The app will remember your details for the next time.

Get Flowbird for iOS or Android

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