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Parking in Choisy-le-Roy

  • No more cash or card needed
  • Pay from anywhere! Avoid parking fines
  • No more waiting in line at the parking meter

Mobile parking in Choisy-le-Roy! Why park by the Flowbird app in Choisy-le-Roy? Our easy-to-use app will find your location in Choisy-le-Roy by GPS locations. Select the amount of time needed for your stay with your phone. Receive a smart parking notification during your session. You want to stay longer than expected or running late? Extend the parking time to avoid parking tickets! Forgot to pay for parking? Pay from anywhere! Your parking session in Choisy-le-Roy will be moved to ‘parking history’. You can find an overview of all parking activities and costs here. All Flowbirds payments are electronically transmitted to parking enforcement staff of Choisy-le-Roy. You get free access to the app and no subscription is required.


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